Sept. 1st Orientation "In the Know"

Hello students and parents, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2021-2022 year. To get started, please watch the Student Orientation video this week.

Quick Updates for this week

Our Website:

Course Change Request

When requesting a course change, please first look at the master timetable to see what options there are in the block that you are looking to fill.  Not all courses are available in all blocks, so if you look at the master timetable and compare it to your own timetable, you can see what changes can be made.  If you see a change that works for you, please proceed to the course change form.  All course changes are being made in the order in which they have been received.

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What to expect in the next 3 days

  1. Connect Class (Advisory) Teachers will send you a welcome letter explaining the purpose of Connect Class with a Zoom Link for the 9:30 am start on September 7th.
  2. Students will receive a "welcome to the course" email from their teachers with information on connecting to Zoom for September 7th. If you are in the midst of course changes, don't be thrown off if you receive a welcome letter from a course that will be changing.

Students Start-Up Preparation

  1. Watch the Orientation Video
  2. Sign in to PowerSchool Public Portal to make sure you are connected to the system.
  3. Sign in to Moodle to make sure you are connected to the Moodle platform. However, your online classes will not be activated until September 7th.
    2. Use your RVS Email username and password.
    3. New to Rocky View Students - if you do not know what your sign-in credentials are, please email:
  1. Sign in to your RVS Google Email -

Online Parent Handbook

See you online friends!

Cheryl Rinehart


Administrative Assistant

RVS Online High School

Airdrie AB
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