RVSOHS "In the Know" Oct. 8


Hello students, parents, and staff,

Yesterday my family and I were having some fun at the dinner table by flipping phrases we use routinely. My kids are in High School and University, so you can imagine the laughter around rearranging words. We hit the phrase "Thanksgiving Day" in our ramblings and instantly said, Giving Thanks Day. Hmmm, that stuck with me for a while. It seems rudimentary, I know. But, it reminded me of what this day can mean for us. I don't have to "recap" the struggles we have had as a province, nation and ultimately the world. I can sometimes focus on ideas and opinions swirling around me and take my "eye" off my community circle. When I say "community," I refer to my everyday life and the people in it. My family connections are also not just blood-related, but those who are family by relationship. It is easy to fall into deficit thinking, asking ourselves: What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with the people around me? What is wrong with me? Not only viewing our circumstances negatively but potentially ourselves. For me, "Giving Thanks Day" is a reminder to draw out the elements in my life where I am thankful. Sometimes we think the little things don't matter. Well, when I get a sliver in my hand, the pain affects my body instantly. How can something so small bring so much pain! However, sometimes I can miss focusing on the small things in my life that also bring me great joy. Today as I wrote down my gratitudes, the list was long! But, I must say, the gratitudes completely overshadowed deficit mindsets vying for my mental space. Giving Thanks Day is a reminder that we need to be people who give more space to gratitude and bring joy to someone else who needs it.

The start-up for RVSOHS has been heavy lifting for our staff. We are building the culture and focusing on what online school might look like for our students. Today, I would like to thank my staff for their effort in crafting the online experience. Many of them were starting from ground zero in regard to online spaces. It is one thing to have the content available, and it's another thing to make that content engaging. Thank you. The technology time in creating a workflow for students is extensive and excellent work. Thank you.

Further, I recognize that establishing how assessment and evaluation are used in the online environment has its challenges. Thank you. I see how teachers strive to support students with mental health and be flexible with the educational perimeters set before them. Thank you. Lastly, I know how they strive to help our students through the culture change of learning online. Thank you. They also must put up with me! Thank you!

Ok, this Friday there is no school for students, so enjoy the time and the day off. Teachers will be working on professional learning around student assessment and learning supports.

Take time to draw out gratitude this week, and don't forget to give thanks to those in your life. They will appreciate it more than you know.

Thank you,

Dave Smith


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