August 9th Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students,


I hope you are well and are having a good summer. The RVS Online High School is moving along, and we are looking forward to working with you this year. I will be sending you newsletters throughout the year, keeping you up to date on new school procedures and important dates. I will endeavour to keep these newsletters brief and to the point.


School Website

Our website will post newsletters and essential communication; I encourage you to check it weekly. In addition, our staff will be populating the site throughout the year. Finally, as parents and students ask questions about procedures, we will update the website to keep the community informed.


Parent and Student Handbook


The handbook gives you information on school operations. This document will evolve as the school year progresses. If there is an unanswered question after you read the document, feel free to email the school your question, and we will update the document.


Online Orientation

You can expect the following, the week before school:

  1. Online Orientation Video
  2. Teacher welcome letter and start-up information
  3. Access to PowerSchool for schedule information


Schedules and Courses

Thank you for your course registration in June. All course requests are evaluated based upon the student eligibility and completion of pre-requisites. Student schedules will be released the week prior to school. For course request changes, students can fill out the Course Request Change Form. Course changes will not occur until after August 31st. I encourage you not to worry; there will be plenty of time to make changes.


Textbooks will be online and located within the Moodle classroom. I would encourage all students to visit their public library and become a patron. The Public Library resources will come in handy throughout your online experience.


Communication Information


A Note From The Principal


We have the opportunity to create something unique and special. Online learning affords students to experience diverse learning and communication, but it also comes with its challenges. Throughout the year, I will write to both students and parents about overcoming the obstacles and applying the advantages. Sometimes, issues "sneak up" on us because we are not aware. For example, our school start time is 9:30 AM for Connect Classes and 10:00 AM for courses. If students do not establish a routine in the morning to give them adequate time to prepare for class, they can miss or be late for classes routinely. They can have the feeling of not being mentally present in class, feeling dishevelled, and more. Typically, as students prepare for their day, make their way to school, walk into the building and greet other students, their mind and body are awake and ready to learn by the time they make it to their class (for most). Since students can turn on their Zoom interface and be "in class" immediately, they may have missed the process of preparing for learning. To overcome this challenge, help your teenager wake up in time to prepare for class, eat breakfast and wake up the brain. Preparing our brains for learning is essential for success.


I look forward to working with you throughout the year. Have a great rest of the summer.




David Smith


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