August 25th Newsletter Email

August 26, 2020

Hello Students and Parents,

I hope you summer is going well thus far. Please read below for RVS Online High School updates.

Course Changes and View

PowerSchool will be open this week for students to check their current schedules. If students are requesting a course change, please fill out the course change form online.


Before the first day of school (September 7th), you will receive a video orientation concerning routines, online class expectations and general school culture. Until then, don't forget you can read the parent handbook located on our website. If you are worried about being ready for start-up, basically all you need is the following.

  1. Dedicated computer with a camera, microphone, and headphones
  2. Dedicated space in your house for learning

First Day Preparation Students - September 7th

1.     Check your PowerSchool schedule

2.     Log into Moodle using your RVS credentials (not available until September 3rd)

a.     If your credentials are not working, please email

3. On September 7th at 9:30 am, attend the Connect Class online – the teacher will send their Zoom link to the student RVS email.

Teacher Introductions and Course Outline

Teachers will send out a welcome email to parents during this first two weeks of school. Our primary use of communication is SchoolMessenger and RVS Email. Please be sure SchoolMessenger emails are not blocked on your email system.

Connect Class

When questions arise in the online world, it is critical that parents and students know who to contact. Every morning, teachers will have 9:30 am - 9:55 am available for their Connect Class (CC) students. The Connect Class teacher is your primary contact for questions concerning school routines. The teacher will be with your child for the entire year. In addition, every Wednesday, students will attend a mandatory Connect Class via Zoom (students will receive credit based on attendance). Each Wednesday, teachers will share announcements, teach web safety, talk about online study habits and more. The Connect Teacher is your main point of contact for school information.

You can expect the CC Teacher to communicate to students and parents on or before September 5th with their Zoom Link.

All students are to start their first day by logging into the Connect Class via Zoom by 9:30 am

M-T, T-F - Teacher available through their Zoom Link 9:30 am -9:55am - student discretion

Wednesday - Mandatory Class attendance 9:30 am -9:55 am.


Online School Contact Information

School General Mailbox:

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Learning Support Teacher:


School Website:

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