Mental Health and Culture Building

We believe that when students feel safe and settled in their lives they have the ability to learn with ease.  Through out the year our staff and students plan various opportunities for students to grow in their wellness.  This page is dedicated to explaining some of the programming as well as informational items.

For more information on Guidance Counsellor and Learning Support, please click their pages.

Connect Class

Connect Class occurs every Wednesday at 9:30 am. This is where students meet weekly to connect to their teachers and classmates. We have mental health speakers, class announcements, celebrations, administration, school assemblies, and more during this time. If a student does not attend this class, they will feel disconnected from school. This is where a large portion of cultural connection occurs.


Class Connect Presentations

Our class presentations are held largely by RVS employees.  The presentations will always be communicated out ahead of time.  All presentations are optional for students to attend.



Wednesday March 16th – Kelsey Brown and Helen St.Pierre

This "Crap" is Hard: Ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated, defeated, by all the big and little things in your life?  We will be practicing and talking about strategies to help us ride out life’s hurdles. Specifically with virtual school.


Wednesday April 13 2022 – Allison Salazar, RVS

Hack Your Brain: Does it ever seem like your brain is taking over and you’re just along for the ride? Maybe you can’t fall asleep because your brain won’t be quiet, or you lash out when upset. Come find out how your brain works and why it seems like you can’t always control your reactions. We’ll talk about the science behind why your brain reacts the way it does and how you can use science to hack your brain into working for you, not against you.


Wednesday May 18th – Kelsey Brown and Helen St.Pierre

Getting and Keeping your "Stuff" together: Is the end of the semester coming too quickly?  Are you worried about getting everything finished in time?  Let’s talk about the What If’s and How to’s of ending this semester with success.  Getting organized, breaking it down, questions??? Great ask them, and what happens if it doesn’t get done. (Input from the school on what happens if things don’t get done?)


Wednesday June 08 2022 – Allison Salazar, RVS

Support When It’s Not All Fun-In-The-Sun: Summer is almost here and it’s time for some fun in the sun! But summertime isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. What happens when you’re having a rough day and all your usual supports are on summer break? Join us for this conversation on the importance of taking care of yourself and how to set up a summer self-care plan, complete with community resources that are open outside of the usual school year.


Wellness Summit 2022

March 10th, 2022

Students, RVSOHS is excited to offer you a day to focus on wellness and mental health.


On March 10th, we are devoting a day to attend various sessions and topics.

A Wellness Summit allows students to attend various sessions on topics of interest and interact with the speaker. In years past, I found that this helps students learn about themselves, how to apply mindfulness to their lives, how to support others, and how to see themselves and others with empathy. The sessions are conducted by individuals who have worked with youth routinely or are part of our RVS team. The topics of the sessions were created and decided on by our student leadership group. We will have 10 -15 different sessions students can attend. We are asking students to attend 4 sessions of their choice.


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