Course Registration is now OPEN!


The Course Registration – Now Open!!!

Closes March 25th, 2022

Welcome to the course selection for Online Students.

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PowerSchool courses selection is available to students who have access to PowerSchool. Course registration is done with the student sign in, not the parent sign-in.  Students, if you need a reminder of your PowerSchool access code, please email Melanie Gilliland or call the school.


Registered Students to access course registration for the 2022-2023 Year:

1.     Log  into  your  PowerSchool  Parent/Student portal account (

2.     Scroll down to Class Registration.

3.     Start at the top and click the pencil

4.     Select course and click “okay”

5.     Do this for each item.

If you need to speak to our guidance counsellor please email or connect with Christiana Van Ysselsteyn or set up an appointment

Schedules will be set in early May.

Once you have selected from all the core subject areas, you may select the Complementary Courses.  The ALTERNATE Complementary courses are only used if we are not able to accommodate your first Complementary courses.  Grade 11 and 12 you will see asynchronous Option courses to select from as well as synchronous courses.  Asynchronous Options are with a teacher, but do have specific class times.  The courses are self-directed.

More information about the Online School please visit

New Courses to look for:

Health and Wellness 101 – this course is a 5 credit course focusing on personal health.

Coding 10/20/30 – This course focuses on computer science coding with Python.

Animation 10/20/30 – Focused course on creating animation and character development

Math 15 – This is for any grade 9 student who would like a prep course for 10C.  This is a 5 credit course which leads into Math 10C – all students enrolled in Math 15 will also be enrolled in 10C for semester 2. Students who take this course are more likely to have higher success in 20-1 or 20-2 Math.




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